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New building of Social Sciences School

The archive contains videos and photos from UAV flights on various dates in order to monitoring the construction of the Social Sciences Building on the University Hill.

Athens road network

Athens road network

Krathis and Krios river basin landslide polygons in Northern Pelopponese

Data sets that were collected through Google Earth in the framework of a postgraduate thesis

Paliambela Kolindros Excavation Archive

The dataset includes all geospatial and thematic information recorded for Trench 01 at the Paliambela Kolindros Archaeological Project. The dataset is designed for exploration in 3D GIS viewing environments.

Municipality boundaries (Cleisthenes)

This dataset contains the boundaries of the Hellenic (Greek) Municipalities, in accordance with the Cleisthenes programme. The files have been created in the framework of the course Spatial Analysis of Elections:...

Paliambela Kolindros Survey Archive

The dataset contains information on the site survey and geoarchaeology of Paliambela Kolindros, compiled prior to excavation. It contains 3D shapefiles for borehole location, geological layers and survey units. It includes a...